As we experience such trying times around the globe, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by COVID-19.

To the medical professionals, firefighters, policemen, and all those on the front lines, you have our absolute support. GrantView Distillery is proud to be part of a community effort to bring hand sanitizing agent to those of you in this fight against an invisible foe.

While we are the ones producing the hand sanitizer, it is really a community effort. Donated grain, sugar, beer, containers, chemicals and time have all made this sanitizer possible.

GrantView Distillery Hand Sanitizer

All the hand sanitizer we produce is donated to those on the front lines of this battle.

Some recent donations have allowed us to expand our distribution to limited Individuals and companies. Individuals are welcome to stop by the distillery to pick up a 3 oz personal size bottles for yourself and family.

For larger quantities for a business (Like a one gallon bottle you can use to refill your own bottles, Limit one per business), we are not accepting cash but would ask that you donate items that we can use to make more sanitizer for others in need.

Current items that we are in need of:

1.            Sugar

2.            2-8 oz containers with flip tops or preferably spray bottles

3.            Distilled water in 1 gallon bottles

4.            1 Gallon new bottles (Or recently emptied water bottles)

We are normally at the distillery daily from 8-6 but please message or call ahead to be sure we are not out of the distillery doing spring planting.

For those looking to support the effort, we are not accepting cash donations. The best way to support us is by buying some of our spirits at your nearest retailer. It is a win, win, win, and win. It supports us, our distributor, the retailer and you get a great spirit in these trying times.