As we experience such trying times around the globe, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by COVID-19. We were proud to be part of the first wave to fight the Virus. When the TTB and the FDA granted approval for Distilleries like ours to make hand sanitizer, we proudly adjusted our production to help Winnebago, Stevenson and Ogle County First Responders stay safe.

In the long hard weeks that followed we produced and donated over 800 gallons of Sanitizer to keep our First Responders safe. While we are the ones producing the hand sanitizer, it is really a community effort. Donated grain, sugar, beer, containers, chemicals and time all made this sanitizer possible.

Barnstormer Distillery Hand Sanitizer

In early July, we ran our last batch of hand sanitizer and reconfigured back to normal operations. We still have some hand sanitizer at the distillery in limited quantities for anyone in need.

It was a rewarding experience and we learned a lot about out of the box operations. we took our experience dealing with Expired Beer, Sugar and Corn and created a limited edition moonshine to honor the effort from the community. Cootie Killer Moonshine is now available in limited quantities in the Rockford Area.

Cootie Killer Moonshine