Admit it, you want a custom labeled Spirit!

Great for weddings, gifts, company events or just your personal collection. We will help you create a Spirit label, obtain government approvals needed for it’s use and place it on your selected spirit. The personized label (Limited to what is permitted by the TTB), may include Name, Company Logo or even your dogs picture. Labels must still prominently show the Barnstormer Logo. The Reward includes:

  • Assisting in the selection of barrel to harvest your spirit from (for Dark Spirits) or level of flavoring/filtering (for flavored spirits)
  • The printing of the up to 100 plain (Non Transparent) Customized Labels
  • Invitation to help in the bottling/labeling of your bottles.

Note: You are responsible for any additional fees, which includes but limited to, dies from the printer for embossing or foil leaf on the label (If desired).

*The reward includes only the labels, our bottled spirits must be purchased separately.