Gin-Making Dinner for 2

Be a part of one of our intimate and interactive Gin-Making Dinners.

This catered Gin-Making Dinner gives you an insiders look on Gin and you actually walk out of the distillery with a Gin you made yourself, a Gin that’s unlike any other Gin anywhere.

The class starts with an introduction to juniper and other botanicals used to make Gin. Following the Introduction, you get to work under the direction of Addie, our “Master Sniffer and Taster”. You will actually smell and taste the different components in a Gin. Our unique Cold Distill method allow us to make our own botanical concentrates from our farm (and elsewhere for ingredients that wont grow in northern Illinois).

You start with a Juniper or Neutral base and then add your selected Botanical Concentrate(s) in your desired amounts to end up with your own crystal clear Gin to create a one of a kind bottle.

This one of a kind experience is a must for all true Gin Lovers.