“Can’t say enough good things about this place!! What a hidden gem…..

Formerly known as Grant View Distillery, Barnstormer Distillery is a farm to bottle distillery, growing a lot of their ingredients on site as well as getting them from a local farm in the neighboring town of Byron. I believe they are about 3 years old right now…..

We were given a tour by Addy, one of the owners. I’ve been to many brewery and distillery tours in my life, given by many talented and knowledgeable people. I can confidently say this was my favorite tour so far, and that’s mostly because of how personable and knowledgeable Addy was at making us feel like we were family! She made us mixed drinks during the tour, showed us their “small but mighty” distillery and explained how their process works (they do many things different than the industry standard, in a good way!)……

After tasting all the spirits, I would personally recommend their RFD vodka and 40 winks barrel strength whiskey, but they also have a great offering for those who like rum, too…..”

Mitch J. (Yelp & Facebook Review)

“My husband and I are vodka drinkers. Loving their vodka. We need more!”

Penny S. (Facebook Review)

“Highly recommend their products, including 40 Winks which is as good a bourbon as any other high end bourbons I have tasted. Looking forward to their expansion.”

Danielle S. (Facebook Review

“I just cracked my first bottle. This is absolutely magical. I’m so pleased! This is amazing!”

Linsay M. (Facebook Review)

“40 winks is AMAZING. Might be my all time favorite!!”

Trever K. (Facebook Review)