Stay Tuned for Big Changes at GrantView Heights Property

2019 was a good year for us. We launched 4 new Spirits into the marketplace and earned a coveted place on the shelf of may restaurants and individuals and we learned a lot from our loyal customers.

2020 has stated out with us suspending all spirit production to make Hand Sanitizer to help those on the front lines in this current battle against an invisible foe. See our “COVID-19” page for updates.

As soon as this crisis is over, we will be moving forward with changes to the property and a re-branding of our spirits to “Barnstormer Distillery”. See our “Whats New Page” for additional information.

Trees are being cleared as you read this to widen the access from our 22 acre property to IL Route 2. We will also be working on new agricultural plantings on the property and in our greenhouse to enhance our Land to Lips philosophy. Once complete we will start hosting outdoor events as we build the tasting room.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is not to be the biggest distillery in Illinois, it is to produce and offer for sale only great tasting and unique spirits. We believe taste should be the focus of any Craft Spirit. We produce our spirits using taste, smell and touch like craft should be, not a computer controlled & automated process. We believe that hands on approach and personal connection is the key to making a great spirit.  We invite you to taste for yourself to see if we have met our goal.

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients locally. The unique and scenic Grant View Heights property produces many agricultural products, some of which are used in the production and flavorings of our spirits and cocktails. We cannot grow everything to produce spirits on our 22 Acres, but we are committed to using only the finest ingredients from small growers to create great tasting and unique spirits.