Barnstormer Distillery is pleased to announce that we are now in our year round Hangar facility. We are open to the Public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for tastings, drinks and bottle sales in the Hangar. The “Hangar”, includes a huge hangar door that we can open up in the summer! The west side also includes a 16 foot glass garage door that looks down our Pine Tree lane.

Public Hours

  • Friday 3-8
  • Saturday 11-8
  • Sunday 11-6


The property

When you come to our facility, you will see that we are not your typical Distillery. We are a “Farm Distillery” on a 22 property that grows Vegetables, Fruits, Berries, and Herbs primarily for use in our Distillery and Tasting Room. When you visit us, you will come down our 1/4 mile long lane and emerge into what has been described by our guests as a “Park-like” setting.

What we grow

We use what the land produces and our “outside of the box” special hands-on processes to produce spirits and cocktails that highlight the taste that only fresh ingredients can make. Because we use a “Cold Distilling” processes, all the flavor essences we produce for our spirits are totally shelf stable. We have 3 year old bottles of Cucumber Vodka that taste as fresh as the day we picked the cucumbers in our Greenhouse.


Our goal is not to be the biggest distillery in Illinois, it is to produce and offer for sale only great tasting and unique spirits. We believe taste should be the focus of any Craft Spirit.

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients locally. The unique and scenic Grant View Heights property produces many agricultural products, some of which are used in the production and flavorings of our spirits and cocktails. We cannot grow everything to produce spirits on our 22 Acres, but we are committed to using only the finest ingredients from small growers to create great tasting and unique spirits.


Barnstormers (post WWI Pilots) were the MacGyver’s of their day. With little more than the shirts on their back and a government surplus airplane, they brought aviation and often prohibition era alcohol to the general public. They did not use fancy Instruments or computers, they used their senses of sight, smell and touch to ply their craft. Because of this, their exciting and romantic lifestyle was often referred to as: innovative, adventuresome, inspirational, exploratory, and often record breaking. They were risk takers not because of some sort of death wish, but rather they wanted to live life to the fullest.

Barnstormer Distillery is carrying on that barnstorming spirit with every drop of our hand-crafted spirits. We produce our spirits using taste, smell and touch, like craft should be, not a computer controlled & automated process. We believe that hands on approach and personal connection is the key to making a great spirit. We invite you to taste for yourself to see if we have met our goal.