With additional fire pits in the lawn and twinkling lights in the pines, this spring is a great time to visit Barnstormer Distillery. Sharing Hot Toddies with friends around a blazing fire is a great way to experience the Spring outdoors. (The view from heated Hangar/Tasting Room is just as magical for the less adventurous.)

Thanks for a Great 2022!

In 2022 Barnstormer Distillery:

  • Started the year serving Cocktails in the Greenhouse
  • Erected the Circus tent in a new location
  • Opened the “Hanger” to allow year round tastings
  • Added Slushes to the menu
  • Had our numerous volunteer Bottling events
  • Had numerous “Group & Individual Barrels” purchased
  • Added Gravel Parking
  • Lost the greenhouse covering to wind and installed a new upgraded cover
  • Hosted several wedding, birthday and anniversary parties
  • Added “Cigar and Whiskey nights” (First Thursday of every month April-November)
  • Partnered with “Hazzard Fee Farms”
    • Provided Organically grown grains
    • Uses our spent grain for animal feed
  • Hosted several musical groups
  • Hosted several food trucks including “Batches and Iron Salamander”
  • Added additional fire pits
  • Installed outdoor lighting in pines and tent
  • Released new spirits including:
    • G Force Whiskey
    • Horseradish Vodka
    • Coffee Rum
    • The Sibling Series
  • Hosted our first Christmas show and New Years Eve party
  • Created many seasonal and specialty cocktails including shaken stirred and smoked drinks
  • Served a ton of new friends the best spirits and drinks in the State.

Thanks for a Great 2021!

2021 was an amazing year for Barnstormer Distillery!

Please enjoy the slideshow highlights of our 2021 journey!

In 2021 Barnstormer Distillery:

  • Constructed an entrance to Highway 2
  • Erected our Circus tent for the first time
  • Opened our outdoor tasting venue
  • Relocated the tasting venue to our greenhouse when the weather turned
  • Broke ground on the “Hanger” that will allow year round tastings
  • Had our first volunteer Bottling events
  • Had our first “Group & Individual Barrels” purchased
  • Served a ton of new friends the best spirits and drinks in the State.