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THANK YOU Illinois Office if Tourism & the RACVB!!!!!
We’re excited to share that they officially announced the new Illinois Made maker class and are thrilled to be a new maker in the #IllinoisMade program! We are proud to be part of a community with other small businesses around Illinois!
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Barnstormer Distillery announces a Spirit Competition WIN through the Whiskey and Barrel Consumer Choice Awards (WABCCA), held in Chicago, IL on October 10, 2020.
Both 40 Winks Whiskey’s were submitted and both won not only a Gold Metal but the overall ultimate award for its category!
This completion was “designed to recognize excellence and preference by consumers that enjoy whisky and the bar & retail experts that sell it. Over 30 vetted consumers and over a dozen whiskey industry and media professionals gathered to participate as judges. This unprecedented combination of experience and industry involvement provides the background to build an award completion that supports the industry and is a true voice of the consumer.” say Dave Sweet, Founder of WABCCA.
To be awarded a Gold Metal the spirit needs to score between 90 and 100 points. These are the spirits of best quality and great flavor – A true joy to drink, a must have for the whisky and spirits enthusiast.
There is only ONE Consumer Choice Award for each category which is given to the spirit that judges scored consistently the highest and the most preferred in each category.
40 Winks Whiskey, Barrel Strength was awarded a Gold Metal and won the overall, Consumer Choice Award in American Whiskey, priced between $51 – $100.
40 Winks Whiskey, 90 Proof was awarded a Gold Metal and won the overall, Consumer Choice Award in American Whiskey, priced $50 & under.
Barnstormer Distillery is proud to represent our hometown of Rockford and committed to provide quality crafted spirits that highlight the Barnstorming spirit. To find 40 Winks Whiskey along with our other spirits nearest you, visit
Enjoy the “Spirit of Rockford”!


Grant View Heights Farm is continuing to harvest cucumbers for Barnstormer RFD Cucumber Vodka. The amazing spirit starts with our already great RFD Vodka. We then Cold Distill some of our freshly grown cucumbers for flavoring. The cold distill process means that you get the taste of a fresh cucumber in every sip. Nothing artificial is added. We hope you enjoy the first of our “from the farm” series flavored Vodkas.

Grant View Heights Farm Cucumbers



(Located at GrantView Heights Farm)

Effective immediately, we will be re-branding the distillery to the name “Barnstormer Distillery”. The beloved GrantView tree logo will now be used exclusively for our farm where the distillery is located. Have no fear, our great spirits remain the same, only the packaging is changing. The new name honors the Aviation background of both the Area and the Owners. The new designed RFD bottles with attached “Remove Before Flight” Key-chains are in the marketplace now and the New Whisky Bottle Look will be on the shelves September 1. Buy your Grantview Whisky bottles before they become a part of history. We hope you embrace the new brand as much as we have.


More Flavored Vodkas…..

We are working hard in our development lab to capture more flavors from our greenhouse. We are always open to new ideas so please send us your suggestions to: